Congratulations on taking the PLUNGE! While we work to get your order ready for you, please read this article to learn more about what to expect before and during your delivery.

Lower 48 FedEx Delivery

  1. FedEx will reach out to schedule a delivery time via text/email/call
  2. FedEx will provide premium placement delivery. This means they will place the plunge where you would like it 2 flights above or below entry level and they will dispose of the box and trash. *They won't set your plunge up because they are not an employee of Plunge and we don't want it to be set up incorrectly or damaged.* 
  3. Once your Plunge is delivered and placed, set-up takes around 15 minutes. Please review our setup video by clicking here and get yourself plunging!

Before Your Delivery

In order to make the delivery process as smooth as possible, we ask that you prepare the space you want your Plunge to be set ahead of time and clear the route from the entrance.

     Dimensions of packaged Plunge:

     Plunge: 71 X 42 X 36, 295 lbs

     Plunge Pro: 71 X 42 X 36, 320 lbs

     Plunge XL: 77 X 42 X 40, 365 lbs


Instead of FedEx, if you're shipping to Hawaii, you'll be using Aloha freight, so the process will be different. 

  1. FedEx will pick up from our warehouse and deliver to the Aloha Freight port in Compton CA.
  2. It will then be put on a container to be shipped to Hawaii and will take approximately a week to get there. 
  3. Once it gets to Hawaii it will take a few days to unload and process
  4. They will then contact you for curbside delivery only. *Aloha Freight does not provide premium delivery* 

If you have any issues or questions for Aloha Freight, their phone number is 808-834-5931