Congratulations on taking the Plunge! As we prepare your order, please read this article to understand the delivery options available for your Cold Plunge within the Lower 48 states.

FedEx Standard Curbside Delivery (Free)
  • FedEx will reach out to schedule a delivery time via text/email/call.
  • Your Plunge or Sauna will be delivered via curbside service.
  • Please note that with curbside delivery, FedEx won't enter your home or dispose of the box and shipping materials. They will leave it at the curb or driveway.
Premium In-Home Delivery
  • FedEx will reach out to schedule a delivery time via text/email/call.
  • With Premium placement delivery, FedEx will place the Plunge where you would like it, up to 2 flights above or below the entry-level.
  • They will also dispose of the box and trash.
  • It's important to remember that FedEx won't set up your Plunge as they are not employees of Plunge. This is to ensure the setup is done correctly and to avoid any potential damage.
  • Once your Plunge is delivered and placed, set-up typically takes around 20-30 minutes. Please review our setup video to guide you through the process.
Before Your Delivery
To ensure a smooth delivery process, please prepare the space where you want your Plunge to be set up ahead of time and clear the route from the entrance.

Dimensions of packaged Plunge:
  • Plunge: 71 X 42 X 36, 295 lbs
  • Plunge Pro: 71 X 42 X 36, 320 lbs
  • Plunge XL: 77 X 42 X 40, 365 lbs
  • Plunge All-in: 77 X 32 X 29, 395 lbs
If you're shipping to Hawaii, the delivery process differs.
  • Instead of FedEx, Aloha Freight will handle the delivery.
  • FedEx will pick up from our warehouse and deliver to the Aloha Freight port in Compton, CA.
  • It will then be shipped to Hawaii, taking approximately a week to arrive.
  • Once in Hawaii, it will take a few days to unload and process.
  • Aloha Freight will contact you for curbside delivery only; they do not provide premium delivery.
If you have any questions or issues regarding Aloha Freight, you can reach them at 808-834-5931.