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Tap into more

Track your cold plunge & sauna sessions, monitor progress and celebrate milestones with our free interactive app.


Challenge Yourself

Track your wellness journey with streaks and charts, providing a comprehensive view of your progress.


Control From Anywhere

Connect your Plunge All-In and Sauna to dial the temperature up or down right from the app.


Plan Sessions

Get customized sessions tailored to your preferences for the ultimate cold plunge and sauna experience.

Smartphone connectivity

Set your perfect sauna or cold plunge* temperature ahead of time so they're ready when you are.

(*Currently available for Plunge All-In models only.)


Get guidance

Let the Plunge App serve as your cold companion or sweat sidekick with custom timers, expert
advice, and more.

Get guidance

Dial in your routine

Get insight into your wellness activities and set new goals with our intuitive session tracking feature.


Manage your products

Access maintenance protocols and FAQs with the touch of a button.

Plunge app

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Get started on your wellness journey and download the free Plunge App today.

Ready. Set. Download. Ready. Set. Download.