About us

Born in California. Changing lives 


Plunge was born out of a garage in 2020 when the world shut down. There were a lot of things Michael Garrett — and the rest of us — didn't know. But what he did know was COVID-19 shut down his brick-and-mortar float spa business, and he was determined to build the world’s best cold plunge. Enlisting the help of his dad, he got to work. After countless iterations and improvements, he knew they had created something truly special. 

Shark Tank Spotlight

Our appearance on Shark Tank marked a pivotal moment for Plunge. The show catapulted our vision into the national spotlight, helping us connect with thousands who are now part of our growing community. If you discovered us through Shark Tank, we warmly welcome you to the Plunge family! Make sure to check out our Shark Tank page.

A new partnership

A friendship turned into a powerful partnership when Ryan Duey came on board. Michael and Ryan share a passion for wellness, giving back, and changing lives through cold plunging. Three years, an appearance on Shark Tank, and a 150,000 sq ft. warehouse later, they’re still following that passion, crafting innovative cold plunges and high-heat saunas in Sacramento, California.  


When the people obsessed with cold plunging and saunas are the ones making the plunges and saunas—something special happens. From the engineers behind our designs to the people building them in our warehouse, our passion leaves its fingerprints all over our products and drives us forward to keep innovating. 

Giving Back

The Plunge mission is deeply committed to our responsibility to the planet—and the humans living on it. That's why we contribute a portion of our revenue to various environmental and humanitarian nonprofits through our Plunge for the Planet Program.

Fight For The Forgotten

Fight For The Forgotten

An organization born from a mission to provide clean water and other essential services to the remote Batwa community.

Kiss the Ground

Kiss the Ground

A nonprofit that promotes regeneration and healthy soil as a viable solution for our wellness, water, and climate crisis.

Eat Real

Eat Real

Nourishes the future of underprivileged youth by putting real food on the table at school, home, and national policy.

Our Mission

We build things that make positive change possible every day—like world-class cold plunges and high-heat saunas that transform discomfort into daily benefits for our minds, moods, bodies, and best selves.

Yes, the temperatures are extreme. And yes, some people look at us weird. But that’s just part of the fun. We’re here to make resilience mainstream, and we are all in.

Our Values

Courageously direct

Be straight up. Say what needs to be said.

Find your edge

Lean in and keep growing.

All boats rise

Do the right thing. Create good karma.

Go all in

Fully commit. Give it all you’ve got.

I got you

Inspire trust with complete ownership.

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