$4,161 CAD $4,855 $694 off
$4,161 CAD $4,855 $694 off

Evolve Pro Chiller

$4,161 CAD $694 off $4,855
Evolve Chiller Upgrade Kit
Upgrade your existing Plunge
Checkout the Evolve Chiller Upgrade Kit.

Maximize your cold plunge experience with the Evolve Chiller.

  • 1HP cooling system maintains temperatures down to 37°F/3°C, even in 120°F/49°C climates. 
  • Compatible with original Plunge models via an upgrade kit.
  • Ozone sanitation and 20-micron filter ensure clean and safe water.
  • Variable speed fan and pump provide ultra-quiet operation.
  • Planning a DIY project or connecting to another brand's tub? Learn More
Cold Climate Protection

Live in a cold climate? Get freeze protection by adding our optional heater.

Connection Option

Which plunge do you own? Choose the appropriate connector kit.

$4,161 CAD $694 off $4,855

What is included in my purchase?

Every purchase includes:

  • Chiller Manual
  • Filter Wrench
  • Carbon Hose Filter

What is lead time?

Above the "Add to Cart" button, you will see the estimated ship date.

Do you ship internationally?

We offer limited international shipping

The Evolve Series

Dive Into the Features

Powerful Cooling

Our advanced cooling system lets you plunge in temps down to 37°F/3°C degrees—even in hot climates up to 120°F/49°C—and does it all 30% faster.

Intelligent Maintenance

With our innovative easy-access design, changing your filter is a matter of seconds, now featuring a filter that's 50% larger than standard options on the market, ensuring longer periods between changes and superior water quality.

Smartphone Connectivity

Control your plunge from anywhere right on your smartphone so it's ready when you are. Android compatibility is on the horizon, with availability expected this summer!

Simple Setup

No plumbing required—just fill your Plunge using a hose, connect the Evolve Pro Chiller, and plug it into a standard 120V outlet.

All-Season Resilience

Engineered to perform in any weather, ensuring your cold plunge routine is never interrupted. Tested in climates reaching up to 120°F and it maintained a chilly 37°F.

Whisper-Quiet Operation

Experience the serenity of the market's most silent Cold Plunge chiller. Engineered for whisper-quiet operation, it ensures your moments of rejuvenation are peaceful and free from distraction. Enjoy a plunge that's 30% quieter compared to previous models.

Tech Specs


Overall height
17.38 in/44cm

Overall length
29.75 in/75.57 cm

Overall width
16 in/40.64 cm

Weight (lbs)
91 lbs/41 kg

Shipping weight (lbs)
100 lbs/45 kg



Power Requirements (Cold/Hot)
Dedicated 15A Circuit

Chiller Power
1 HP (Maintains 37°F/3°C in 120°F/49°C ambient)

Heater power (Hot/Cold only)
1 kW


Minimum temperature setpoint

Maximum temperature setpoint
104°F/40°C (with optional heater)

Maximum ambient temperature


8 inx4 in/20cmx10cm diameter, 20 micron filter


Pump & Condenser

Pump speed
Variable, up to 35 GPM/132 LPM
(max pump rating)

Condenser fan speed

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What’s included in my purchase?

  • Chiller Manual
  • Carbon Hose Filter
  • Filter Wrench

What are the electrical requirements?

Your Evolve Pro Chiller will need to be plugged into an outlet with a dedicated 120V 15A circuit. The term "dedicated" means that the electrical circuit for your Plunge can not be used for any other electrical items.

Your Evolve Pro Chiller should also be 5 feet away from the outlet to prevent shock.

What is the lead time?

Above the "Add to Cart" button, you will see the estimated ship dates for the specific product you choose. This delivery time applies in the lower 48 U.S. states*Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. territories please allow an additional 2-3 weeks. *International orders vary. Please contact sales.

Is the Evolve Pro Chiller compatible with other brands?

Unlock the full potential of your Evolve Pro Chiller by pairing it exclusively with other Plunge products.

Any connection to non-Plunge devices will result in warranty voidance.

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12 month warranty included

Every purchase includes a 12 month warranty, with the option to extend by an additional 3 or 5 years.

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