Contrast Therapy Bundle: Plunge All-In + Plunge Sauna

$ 27,719 $ 27,719

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Combine the power of cold and heat therapy with our ultimate wellness bundle.

  • Plunge All-In: Innovative, fully-integrated cold plunge with smartphone connectivity and sleek design
  • Plunge Sauna: Wifi-enabled capabilities and ergonomic comfort for a modern sauna experience

Step 1: The
Plunge All-In

Cold Climate Protection
Live in a cold climate? Get freeze protection by adding our optional heater.

Step 2: The Plunge Sauna

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Total $ 27,719 $ 27,719
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Plunge ships within 1 week and sauna ships within 4-6 weeks

Unlock more with Hot + Cold

Boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, alleviate muscle soreness, and more with our Contrast Therapy Bundle. Use each individually or alternate between them to unlock benefits that go beyond the heat and cold alone.

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