Top 6 Reasons Why We Cold Plunge

Top 6 Reasons Why We Cold Plunge

There are so many reasons why cold plunging has become our daily ritual. Below, we've distilled our top six reasons and talk about the science behind each of them.

Top Six Reasons Why We Cold Plunge

You know that feeling of what it's like to be alive? Like, really alive in an energetic way? That's what plunging gives us. Our co-founder, Michael, is more of a hypo-aroused person by nature and says, "The energy I get from plunging is so important for me. I wake up feeling lethargic most mornings, but after I plunge, I have a significant boost in energy." We know that a huge energy boost comes from the norepinephrine you get from cold plunging. Dr. Rhonda Patrick has shown in her report that norepinephrine levels are shown to be 5x higher in people who regularly cold plunge. It's no wonder we feel alive when we plunge!

Mind over matter. When we intentionally choose to stress our bodies, like a hard and sweaty workout, we expand our comfort zone, muscle definition, and master our minds. This can have a brilliant effect on our immune system. We become stronger and healthier. By training our nervous system through plunging, we harness mental and emotional resilience. 

After getting out of the plunge, it's common to 'feel more like yourself,' which we believe is from increased blood flow and lower inflammation levels. Cold exposure causes blood to rush to your core and brain, which increases your blood flow and distributes oxygenated blood back to your extremities when you heat up. This, along with the increased norepinephrine we discussed earlier can cause dramatically lower inflammation levels. This has cascading benefits throughout the body, as inflammation is the key driver of the aging process.

Discipline is the path to freedom and consistency creates habits that build momentum for success in our lives. Doing hard things makes us more adaptable, helps us master new skills, fires neurons to store memory -- also known as neuroplasticity. We can literally "rewire" our brains. Our co-founder, Ryan, says, "At first I dreaded the cold. Over time and consistently getting into the Plunge, regardless of what my mind was telling me, I now can’t wait to start my day with a Plunge."

#5 - MOOD
Like Wim Hof says, “Get high on your own supply!” Plunging causes a huge boost in endorphins, which can reduce depression and improve overall mood. For Michael, this one has been one of the biggest reasons he plunges. “Starting my day with a Plunge is a huge mental shift. I feel much happier after Plunging. The endorphin boost is real.”

#6 - EASE
Controlling the parasympathetic nervous system, also known as "rest and digest" as one of the three pillars of the autonomic nervous system. In the Plunge, the body goes into "fight or flight." By enduring this stress, our daily stress is reduced because we are taking a conscious action in stress response. Hence, this is where the training begins! We train ourselves to be responsive, or adaptable to the environment, instead of reactive and irrational. The cold stimulates the vagus nerve, which over time dampens the fight or flight response and acceleration of the rest and digest response. We reap the rewards further with a good night's sleep.

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