setting up a cold plunge ice bath tub

How to Set Up a “Cold Plunge” Ice Bath Tub

Choosing the Right Location for Your Plunge

Once you receive your Cold Plunge tub, transport it to your preferred location on your property. Remember, the tub weighs about 1000 pounds when full, and so you need to ensure it’s sitting in a spot that can truly support it. If you’re putting the tub on a balcony or deck, for example, make sure the surface is strong enough to hold its weight. 

In addition, the tub comes with a 15-foot electrical cord, and this needs to be plugged into a GFCI outlet. This is for your safety. A GFCI outlet is a particular type of circuit breaker that shuts the power off automatically when there’s an electrical fault, reducing your risk of injury when a source of water is nearby. So, make sure you have one of these set up in an accessible location.

You’ll need to locate your Plunge on a flat surface with 16” behind it so you can access the electrical equipment, filter, and chiller. 

“Cold Plunge” Tub Dimensions and Electrical Information

In order to choose the best location for your Plunge dimensions may be important!

The standard Plunge is 32.5” wide (43” on the end that houses the chiller), 67” long, and 24” high. 

In contrast, the Plunge Pro is a bit bigger on the end housing the chiller because this chiller is more powerful and larger than that which comes with the standard version. It measures 45.75” wide on the end with the chiller. 

Step-by-Step Instructions for Setting Up Your “Cold Plunge” Ice Bath Tub

Plunge Placement and Hookup 

  1. Remove your chiller from your plunge and place it to the side.
  1. Place the Plunge on a flat surface with 16" behind it for equipment access.
  1. Locate the chiller in place. 
  1. Attach tub from pump to chiller.
  1. Fill 4 inches from the top.
  1. Attach tub from filter to chiller.
  1. Plug the cord coming from the electrical box into a GFCI outlet.
  1. The pump will start and run continuously. It may take a few minutes to prime, but it should get to full speed quickly.
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Pump Setup

  1. Unplug the Plunge
  1. Unscrew the hose coming from the pump and put it over the edge of the plunge so water will go into the tub.
  1. Plug in the Plunge for 5 seconds.
  1. Unplug the plunge.
  1. Screw the hose tightly back on to the chiller.
  1. Plug the Plunge back in.

Cooling the Water

  1. Once your Plunge is powered on, make sure the chiller is on by flipping the switch up on the right side of the chiller then hit the ON button. Note: only run the chiller when the pump is running. When draining the Plunge, make sure to first unplug your Plunge.
  1. Set your temperature by hitting the SET button, push DOWN or UP until the smaller number equals your set temperature, then press SET again.
  1. Cover your Plunge when not in use to keep debris out and keep it insulated (if you have the insulated cover.)
  1. The Plunge is made to run continuously to keep the water clean. To lower electrical usage when away from home, you can simply turn off the chiller. The pump and filtration use very little electricity.
  1. Make sure you've read our warnings to make sure you are kept safe. The Plunge will cool down in the range of 2.5 degree an hour, so you'll be Plunging in chilly water tomorrow morning!
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