Pop-Up Accessory Kit

Everything you need for the ultimate pop-up plunge experience, packed and ready to elevate your chill.

  • Floating Thermometer: Keep your chill perfect with our easy-to-read, floating thermometer—durable, UV-resistant, and designed for hassle-free temperature checks.
  • Carrying Case: Your plunge essentials, neatly packed and ready to go wherever you chill.
  • Skimmer Net: Scoop out the uninvited with our fine mesh net—keeping your plunge clear and inviting.
  • Carbon Hose Filter: Filter as you fill for the cleanest plunge every time.
  • Inflatable Cover: Extra insulation means more chill time. 
  • Rubber Ducky: Because what's a plunge without a little quack? Meet your new plunge buddy.
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