The Plunge Residential - 6 Month Maintenance Pack

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Plunge Model Compatibility: For The Plunge Standard and XL models in a residential setting. Not compatible with commercial settings or Plunge All-in models.

Contents: Essential six-month supply for regular Plunge maintenance.

  • 6 Filters: Key to maintaining water clarity and quality.
  • 16 oz Sirona Sanitizer: Ensures a clean and hygienic plunge environment.
  • 32 oz Sirona Oxidizer: For superior water oxidation and purity.
  • 16 oz Alkalinity Up: Balances and maintains optimal water alkalinity.
  • 16 oz pH Down: Adjusts water pH to ideal levels.
  • 25 Testing Strips: Accurate and easy monitoring of water conditions.
  • Measuring Spoon: Provides precise measurements for water treatment.
  • Water Maintenance Guide: Comprehensive guide for effective water care.
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