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Immersing yourself in cold water is a great way to ease your recovery after a harsh workout, improve your overall wellness, and much more. But how exactly do cold tubs work and function? Our Plunge tubs celebrate simplicity in design and are built to premium quality standards with powerful cooling and filtration. Here’s a look at what happens inside.

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Getting Started

The Plunge is an elegant tub that’s easy to get in and out of and simple to clean. It’s covered by a lid to keep the contents clean and insulated, which opens and has handles for easy removal so you can quickly set it aside.

Because of the meticulous construction of the tub’s electrical components, there’s no risk of electric shock, and you don’t have to unplug anything before getting in. However, you do have to power and plug in the Plunge tub, which comes with a cord that plugs into a standard electrical outlet (and you can add an extension cord if needed), which may require a dedicated circuit in some cases.

How Does a Plunge Tub Work?

Water is constantly circulating in the Plunge — being pumped out, cooled by the chiller, and then pumped back in. One of the lesser-known benefits of having a pumping chiller attached to your tub is that sitting in circulating and moving water pulls the heat away from your body faster than soaking in stagnant ice water. Plunge users have commented that their body feels colder sooner when sitting in the Plunge compared to still water of the same temperature. If you need to empty your Plunge, simply open the outtake valve and allow the water to drain.

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How a Plunge Water Chiller Works

Having a Plunge water chiller means that you no longer need bags of ice from the grocery store to get the benefits and effects you’re looking for! Start by filling your tub with filtered water from a hose. Then, turn on the Plunge system — this pumps water out of the tub, into the chiller, and back in again. Our chiller can cool water as low as 37° Fahrenheit in the All-In model.

How Long Does it Take to Cool Down?

In most conditions, the Plunge cools water at a rate of about 2-5°F per hour for standard models and up to 11°F per hour with the All-In’s more powerful chiller. To get started, all you need to do is set your desired temperature on the chiller.

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How a Plunge Cold Tub Filters Water

Each Plunge system comes with a comprehensive filtration system that is made up of several filters working together to keep your water crystal clear.

For example, an ozone filter injects ozone into your tub water by charging oxygen. The ozone in the water neutralizes contaminants and cleans your water by causing things like hydrogen sulfide, manganese, iron, viruses, and bacteria to become unstable and break down. But what about things like visible dirt and grass? Our micron filters catch larger unwanted particles like sediment, hair, and more.

Changing Your Plunge Filters

It’s recommended that you change your main filter about once a month if you’re plunging regularly. If you check and it’s getting grungy, it’s time to swap it out for a new one. The good news is that we send you a large custom wrench with your purchase to help change your filter easily. Just shut off the water circulation and exchange the old filter for a new one.

Note: For those with the All-In model, you can enable filter replacement notifications on your phone.

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