Mike has been doing this same protocol for years and has had a dramatic effect on his life. It typically gives him: increased energy levels, enhanced creativity, boosted metabolism, reduced inflammation, elevated mood, smoother digestion, and silkier hair.

Co-Founder's Protocol

Co-Founder's Protocol

By Mike Garrett

Step 1

30-min infrared sauna session

Mike Protocol - Step 1

Step 2

Do a set of 20 squats to increase internal body temp.

Mike Protocol - Step 2

Step 3

Hop into the plunge with the temp set to 50-55 degrees F. Slide in so that your ears go below the surface while your mouth stays above. Breathe calmly for 30 deep breaths (2-3 minutes). When your breathing is done, dunk your head for a few seconds and get out.

Mike Protocol - Step 3

Step 4

Exit the Plunge and dry off. Get into a squat position and lunge from side to side while throwing a punch and exhaling deeply. Do a set of 30. Large exhales and movement will naturally heat the body up.

Mike Protocol - Step 4