Commercial maintenance

Commercial Cold Plunge Maintenance

If you own one of our commercial cold plunges, this page will provide you with information for how to keep your cold plunge running smoothly. If you are a residential customer, click here to view our residential maintenance page.

Water FIlter Replacement

In this video, we break down the water filter replacement procedure for your Plunge unit so you can keep your unit water sparkling clean. You can purchase The Plunge Water Filter maintenance kit via the link below:

Hair Catch Cleaning

The hair catch keeps hair from clogging up the flow of your commercial cold plunge. In a typical commercial application, the hair catch should be cleaned weekly. Before cleaning the hair catch filter, it is important to turn the ball valves before and after the hair catch so that water bypasses the hair catch. This video shows you how to do this.

Draining your plunge

In this video we break down the proper way to drain your Plunge unit with and without a drain hose.

Chiller Cleaning

In this video we break down our filter cleaning & maintenance procedure for your Plunge Chiller Unit.


In this we break down how to perform Air Purge.


In this video we break down how to perform a Deep Cleaning.