Trombonist/composer Mark McGrain, saxophonist Tim Green, and bassist James Singleton are three of the Crescent City’s preeminent modern jazz improvisers.  


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IN for the OUT


Robert Walter organ

Kirk Joseph sousaphone

James Singleton double bass

Simon Lott drums & electronic percussion

Tim Green saxello & baritone sax

Tom Fitzpatrick tenor sax & flute

Mark McGrain trombone & alphorn


A 15 track song cycle and a return to Plunge's original instrumentation of two-basses with drums but this time adding B3 organ and saxes. 

Provocative story, monstrous grooves, expansive improvisation . . . the most adventurous and muscular Plunge outing yet!


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"Soulful, vivacious.  Plunge delivers grooves as wide as a house."

--DownBeat Magazine 


"engaging . . . a delightful listen . . . This is a great recording, one of the best for me so far this year."

--Ken Weiss, Cadence


"Vivacious, even visceral . . . wonderfully accessible . . . revolutionary elements come togther in repertoire that agilely combines trenchant virtuosity with keen lyricism.  This is meticulously articulated music which ploaces emphasis on the glorious sound of beauty in on quite memorable disc."

--Raul da Gama,


"These are some of the most forward-leaning musicians in New Orleans."

--Tom Jacobsen, New Orleans Notes


"Plunge is among the best post-Katrina jazz developments in New Orleans music." -- Doug Ramsey, Rifftides


"Covering a wide range of music, the session makes room for the adventurous four-part 'Entropy Suite.' Joyfully eccentric, unpredictable and sometimes haunting.  It remains intriguing throughout.  McGrain, who takes the brief 'Falling With Grace' as an unaccompanied solo, proves that jazz trombone, while still owing a debt to J.J. [Johnson], has traveled far during the past 70 years."

--Scott Yanow, JAZZIZ


"powerful melodic lines . . . expansive collective improvisations . . . the kind of powerful hook that pops insistently into your head for weeks."

--OffBeat Magazine


Audio Montage of "IN for the OUT" by PLUNGE

You're listening to excerpts from "IN for the OUT" by PLUNGE



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Mark McGrain - trombone

James Singleton - bass

Tim Green - saxophones


Kirk Joseph - sousaphone

Tom Fitzpatrick - saxophones



"Tin Fish Tango" is Plunge's critically acclaimed 3rd album release ranking in the CMJ-Jazz Radio Top-10.


Read critic Ben Sandmel's review of Tin Fish Tango in the NEH funded publication Louisiana Cultural Vistas

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"powerful melodic lines . . . expansive collective improvisations . . . the kind of powerful hook that pops insistently into your head for weeks. Tin Fish Tango is a novel creation that manages to remain undeniably New Orleans."

- Zachary Young, OffBeat Magazine

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NPR music blogger Patrick Jarenwattananon (“A Blog Supreme”) discusses “Tin Fish Tango” with Guy Raz on All Things Considered,  read more . . .


"Plunge's music has a funky, let-the-good-times-roll atmosphere, calling to mind the French Quarter and the street musicians in action there. Killer sounds from down 'Nawlin's way."

- Dan McClenaghan,

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Also available on Immersion Records & Media:



Plunge's critically acclaimed 2nd. album

"Dancing on Thin Ice"

- 16 weeks on the CMJ Jazz Top 20 reaching #8!

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As reviewed in: Cadence &

4-stars in the DownBeat Magazine   read more . . .



"It takes a great deal of poise and confidence to make music this deft and new.  What a pleasure to have an innovative album one also wants to rush out and play for friends.” – Paul de Barros DownBeat Magazine (4 stars!)


"Plunge is among the best post-Katrina jazz developments in New Orleans music."

--Doug Ramsey, ArtsJournal


“the sound of the real New Orleans."

--Tim Madison, MuzikReviews  ( ***** five stars )


“exhilarating, post-bop fare suffuse with tight, interlocking melodies and cool, nimble grooves -- It doesn’t get any cooler – exquisite."

--Aaron Lafont, OffBeat Magazine


"Dancing on Thin Ice is brilliant in its completeness."

 --Geraldine Wyckoff, The Louisiana Weekly


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Available as a digital download:

Re-release of Plunge's debut release: "Falling with Grace"

(now in 24-bit!)




 Bob Moses - drums

Avishai Cohen - bass

Marcus Rojas - tuba

Mark McGrain - trombone & alphorn


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Mark McGrain plays S.E. Shires Trombones



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