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Louisiana Cultural Vistas

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Winter 2011-12

Tin Fish Tango

By Ben Sandmel



A variety of estimable jazz traditions are revisited by the New Orleans trio Plunge on Tin Fish Tango (  The group’s core members—trombonist Mark McGrain, bassist James Singleton, and saxophonist Tim Green—are all respected veterans who play in a wealth of other bands and settings around New Orleans.  On this album, joined at times by saxophonist Tom Fitzpatrick and sousaphonist Kirk Joseph—and, notably, performing without a drummer—Plunge ranges from second-line funk, to avant-garde songs effectively filled with deliberate dissonance, to understated numbers recalling the cool jazz typified by Miles Davis on Kind of Blue—and more.  This eclectic approach is unified with finesse and expertise.  In a town where jazz albums often fall back on familiar material, McGrain composed 13 original new songs for Tin Fish Tango, making this a plunge that is well worth taking.



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