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by John Noyd

Kicking off their new album Falling With Grace with voodoo grooves from deep within the bayou, the four-member crew known as Plunge takes the unlikely combination of tuba, bass, drums and trombone and creates microscopic worlds that go from funky Dixieland struts to subtle introspections.  Musicians Mark McGrain, Bob Moses, Marcus Rojas and Avishai Cohen bob and weave polyrhythmic delights that revel in restless poetry, digging deep and riding high on a river of riffs that flows over the listener.  With credentials that range from Henry Threadgill to Gary Burton, each player expands the limits of his instrument.  Beyond Cohen's deftness in the bass' upper register, it is Rojas' tuba that not only does the expected bellows and belches but also swishes, creating a sound much like hip-hop scratches.  While main composer and trombonist McGrain carries off most of the melodies, it is the inspired creations of percussionist Moses that propels this ensemble beyond novelty into a jazz super-nova.



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