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Dancing on Thin Ice
by Pico


Plunge Dancing On Thin Ice: Plunge is a New Orleans brass band, but if you're thinking Dirty Dozen Brass Band or Rebirth Brass Band, think again. This is a only trio with Mark McGrain on trombone, Tim Green on saxes and James Singleton on double bass. Even though McGrain wrote all the songs, they each make their own statements. And it's not necessary jazz, either. Many tracks could be better described as acid-jazz grooves, such as "Friday Night At The Top," "Life Of A Cipher" and the wicked, electronically-enhanced "One Man's Machine." But put aside the swagger of this compact unit for a moment, and you find three sharp musicians, which comes from many years of playing with guys like Joe Henderson, Eddie Harris, Anders Osbourne, Herbie Hancock, Peter Gabriel, John Scofield, Natalie Cole, the Marsalis' and the Nevilles. Dancing On Thin Ice, which went on sale August 11, is light and nimble in furnishing uncommon grooves. This is a good one to pick up for a the kind of change-up that won't make your head hurt...and may even make your feet happy.


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