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by Kimberly Tubré

Plunge - Dancing on Thin Ice (Immersion Records & Media) What do you get when you take three great and popular musicians and put them in a group together? The answer is simple; you get an unusual trio by the name of Plunge. Plunge consists of James Singleton on bass, Tim Green on saxophone, and Mark McGrain on trombone. Together they bring a musical blend of jazz mixed with a contemporary and euphoric sound. Beautifully put together, this group has released their second album, Dancing on Thin Ice, which comprises the three talents into one great unit. On the album you can find standout tracks like “Opium” and “Life of a Cipher,” but don’t limit yourself to those tracks alone; this entire album is good and fun to listen to. This cross-over jazz album is as pleasing to the ears as it is relaxing to the body. You will definitely be pleased when you pick up your copy of Dancing on Thin Ice.



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