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Plunge, Dancing On Thin Ice


McGrain, Green and Singleton make good use of the unusual format, two horns temperamentally and tonally matched, bassist capable of pushing. The tunes have interest aplenty, but it would be nice to leave the tonality behind a bit more and venture out into the open terrain the compositions imply. —John Corbett

The more I listened, the more found it to be wan. The playing is a bit measured and the dynamics a bit staid. Then all of a sudden the kaleidoscope turned and I began hearing it as chamber music—texturally daring, rhythmically dapper chamber music. Under that awning the ensemble’s earthiness was impressive, unmistakable. Wonder how others hear it? —Jim Macnie

Tenor and trombone create a scrupulously pristine musical pastel, reminiscent of Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson, perhaps, but with a far more risky and adventurous agenda. In both harmony and counterpoint, the music moves inside a structured sense of miniature ensemble, all nicely motorized by Singleton’s bass. But the electronics of “Machine” are ugly and boring. —John McDonough



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